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Sam and Josh - Colorado Spring -Engagement Photography
Thursday, January 04, 2018
Sam and Josh - Colorado Spring -Engagement Photography

Colorado Springs Engagement PhotographySometimes it's clear when doing an engagement session that the couple is truly in love. Not only can that be seen here,but it's also clear that neither Sam nor Josh hate getting their pictures taken.That made for a fabulous engagement session.We chose lake front in Milwaukee as well as the Third Ward.Having the contrast of a natural setting as well as urban areas gave them the variety they were looking for.I'm a sucker for stairways, back alleys and storefronts. I know here in Colorado Springs and Denver there are lots of options for that type of photography.   But what if you're not comfortable in front of the camera? No ...

Holly and Jesse - Colorado Springs - Engagement Photography
Monday, January 01, 2018
Sam and Josh - Colorado Spring -Engagement Photography

Colorado Springs Engagement PhotographyNow you may be looking at this and say, “Hey! This is not in Colorado!”Correct! This engagement session was done in Chicago. This is where Holly and Jesse met and dated. So what a better place to have their engagement photos taken than in the place they fell in love! The weather couldn't have been any better on that warm summer day. We took our time and walked around the city and hung out by the lake. It was so endearing to see them interact. You could clearly see how in love they were….and still are. Engagement Session SettingIf you love a great urban setting like I do, Colorado Springs or Denver really gives you tons of ...