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Tuesday, January 16, 2018
By Artistic Visions
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Colorado Springs Senior Photography

Let's keep talking about tips on what to wear for your senior session. You can read the first post here.

A question I always get asked right away is "How many outfits should I bring?" That is a great question. The short answer - it all depends on the length of the session. If you're doing a short, 30 minute session, two outfits is plenty. If you're doing the three hour session, I literally say bring 7-10 outfits. Why? A three hour session gives plenty of time for variety, not only in locations, but outfits.

But a word of caution for any length session - the longer you take changing your outfits, the less time you will have in front of the camera.

That's why I recommend "multi-purposing" your outfits. Keep the same jeans / pants on for two or three changes. Do a quick change for the top, shoes and accessories.

Voila! New outfit. Macie did an amazing job doing just that. Several different looks with just a few, quick changes.

(You may not have noticed it with out my mentioning either.) She also brought along her dog Tripp for the session. What a great buddy shot! Who can resist a cute puppy face?!


What if you're still not sure what to wear or bring. No problem! I've had many seniors lay out their outfits at home and send me pictures of each outfit. I love that! Bottom line, bring more than you need (tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories). We might not use everything, but it will give us plenty of options to play with.


More tips on what to wear:

  • Girls - do you have a prom dress you want to showcase?  Bring it along or wear it to start. We can that at the consultation.
  • It's always nice to have dressy and casual outfits. Again, it's all about variety. 
  • Guys – it's always a classic look to have a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up and top button unbuttoned.
  • Stick with clothes that reflect your personality and style. Senior portraits is not the time to try out new trends or fashions that aren't "you".  
  • Guys - khakis, shorts, jeans incorporated with smart looking tennis shoes or dress shoes. 
  • Let Mom select one outfit. She's earned the right. :)
  • Girls and Guys - well groomed/manicured nails are a detail that you may forget to attend to. This is a very important detail as your hands will show in your portraits. 


Always remember that your outfits reflect who you are.

Make it the best version of you.


If you do that, your Colorado Springs senior portrait session will make you feel confident and look brilliant!


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